Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog's 1 Year Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of the blog. I want to thank each and everyone of you who visited and follow the blog. When i created "Extra Bonus", i never thought that i would have almost 8000 pageviews. I know that the number 8000 is not a big thing, but for a blog that is dedicated to the manga/anime KochiKame, which is relatively unknown in the community, i can say that the number of pageviews is pretty decent. From now on, i'm gonna try to post a more diversified content, like an episode list, episode guide, character guide, etc...

If you follow this blog, and you are reading this post, feel free to make a comment about it, what you like and dislike, make suggestions and much more.

Thank you all!!!


  1. Parabens pelo Blog ^^
    deverias era de ter aqui os epis xD

    1. Em relação a pôr episódios no blog, lamento, mas não tenciono fazê-lo.

      Obrigado Borges!