Monday, January 7, 2013

"KochiKame" Returns To Spanish TV Channel Neox

According to the blog Animecion, the Spanish channel Neox will re-air KochiKame tomorrow morning (January 8, 2013), just before Crayon Shin-chan. The series will be airing from Monday to Friday on Neox's morning block "Megatrix".


  1. That's nice to know. In Spain, they aired the series under Kochikame, though with the added title "Tokyo Beat Cops" I noticed, here's the opening in Catalan,

    1. Hi,
      I guess that Spain and Portugal were the only countries that aired that same opening with that subtitle. The Hindi opening shows the title "KochiKame" with a similar font.

      Spain, Portugal, and the few countries that aired the anime, done it under the title: "KochiKame". In case of Portugal and Spain, the series was sometimes refered as "KochiKame: A Louca Academia de Polícia" (Portuguese) and "KochiKame: Loca Academia de Policía" (Spanish), but is mainly known only as "KochiKame".