Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Extra Bonus" 2nd Anniversary

Today (November 6, 2013) is the second anniversary of the blog, that means two years bringing to you almost everything about KochiKame.
One year ago the total number of pageviews was about 8000 and one year after is more than 19000, not bad at all. I want to thank everyone who visit and follow the blog. It has been a really tough year for myself personally, and from now on, i don't know what the future holds for the blog, i truly hope to continue keeping the blog "alive".

Feel free to make a comment about "Extra Bonus", what you like and dislike, make suggestions, questions, etc...



  1. Congratulations! I'm really thankful that this blog exists, as I have pretty much nowhere else to look when it comes to news about Kochikame. You might have been asked this before, but how did you get interested in Kochikame?

    1. Let's see, as a matter of fact, nobody asked me that before, but if i remember correctly, it was in Summer of 2005. I remember like it was yesterday, i watched episode 3 dubbed in Spanish and subtitled in Portuguese on Canal Panda (Portuguese channel). I can tell you that i laughed enjoyed a lot watching KochiKame for the first time, and from there on i became interested and i started searching everything about the franchise.

      Sorry, i forgot to tell you that the re-uploaded links would also be reported in the comment section of page 'Extra Bonus'. I had already re-uploaded some episodes, please check the comment section of that page.
      Sorry about that.