Friday, December 27, 2013

"KochiKame Climax!!" January Issue Released

The January issue of KochiKame Climax!! was released today (December 27, 2013) in Japan. This
new series monthly issue is part of Shūeisha's line of magazines, Shūeisha Jump Remix (SJR), and is a compilation of random chapters that already have been published in Weekly Shōnen Jump and also in the tankōbon volumes.

Click here to see a free preview of chapter 1582, entitled "初夢の正月クルーズ", originally published in Weekly Shōnen Jump issue #6/7 (2008), and later compiled into tankōbon volume 167.


  1. era tão bom que houve cá a venda

    1. Era bom, não era? Mas como tu sabes, isso é impossível.