Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"KochiKame" Featured On "Tokusō Keisatsu Jumpolice: Jump Undercover Mission Police"

In the last issue (2014 No.48) of Weekly Shōnen Jump was announced that KochiKame will be
featured on the variety show Tokusō Keisatsu Jumpolice: Jump Undercover Mission Police, a program which presents Shūeisha's four manga magazines (Weekly Shōnen Jump, Jump Square, V Jump, and Saikyō Jump). Famous manga fan Ahtsuiko Nakata (center in above right picture) of the comedy duo Oriental Radio, actress Rika Adachi (right in picture, Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker), and Nogizaka46 idol group member Rina Ikoma (left) will play members of "Jumpolice, an organization formed to protect the peace of Earth and Jump." They will "thoroughly investigate the appeal of Jump titles through various approaches."

Nakata plays the head detective of the Jumpolice investigations headquarters, while Adachi plays a newly assigned member and Ikoma will plays the data analysis specialist.

The episode airs next Friday, October 31 at 6 pm on TV Tōkyo.

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