Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"KochiKame" Characters Statues Unveiled in Tokyo

Statues of KochiKame's main characters were unveiled (watch the video below) on August 7, 2016 in
front of JR Kameari Station in Tokyo's Katsushika Ward as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the series.

The Katsushika Ward office started setting up KochiKame-themed statues, including the manga series' main character Kankichi Ryōtsu -- a middle-aged police officer whom everyone calls "Ryō-san" -- 10 years ago in a bid to boost the local economy in the Kameari area, where Ryō-san's workplace is set. The new statues, added to the 14 others already in place, feature three characters in the series. As requested by the series' author Osamu Akimoto, the new statues are painted how the characters appear in the story.

Along with Akimoto-sensei (image above - second from right), TV personality LaSalle Ishii (image above - dressed up in a Ryō-san costume), who will play Ryō-san in the upcoming KochiKame stage play adaptation next month, joined the unveiling ceremony.

"I hope people enjoy them as life-size action figures," Akimoto commented, while Kazuo Nakabayashi, the chairman of the Kameari shopping street association, said, "We'll work on the promotion of Kameari with these fine-looking statues."

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