Friday, September 30, 2016

Kameari Station Says Goodbye to "Kochikame" Manga

The actual Kamaeri Station train station is bidding farewell to the series in a special way: by turning
its stairs into manga book spines, displaying manga cover artwork on the ground, and framed panel drawings.

A large white banner has been placed at the top of the station entrance, thanking and congratulating the manga’s creator, Osamu Akimoto, for 40 years of hard work on the series.

Inside, there’s a display that contains images of all 200 KochiKame covers, spanning forty years of serialisation from September 1976 to September 2016.

The ad above specifically encourages residents of Kameari to buy the final 200th volume.

The display at the station will only be up until today (September 30, 2016). Visitors can check out by hopping on the Jōban Line, which can be accessed from a number of stations, including Shianagawa, Ueno, Tokyo and Shimbashi.

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