Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Osamu Akimoto's "Mr. Clice" SJR vol.1 & 2 Released

As part of the 40th anniversary celebration of KochiKame, Shūeisha re-released on September 30,
2016 Osamu Akimoto's Mr. Clice (ミスタークリス) manga series under their line of comics Shūeisha Jump Remix (SJR). The series is an action comedy centered on Jim Clice, a Japanese secret agent with the body of a woman but the mind of a man, and was originally serialized in December, 1985 in Monthly Shōnen Jump magazine, and those respective chapters were later compiled in 5 volumes with the first one released in 1989. 

This Shūeisha Jump Remix (SJR) edition was condensed in two volumes, and like other manga series released in the format, is kind of a omnibus-style with a greater page-count, but with lower paper-quality.
Click here (vol.1 ) and here (vol.2 ) to see or read a free preview of chapters: "クリス 海洋都市ヴェネツィアへ!!" and "古都北京不夜城対決", originally published in Monthly Shōnen Jump in December, 1985 and September, 2001 and later compiled into tankōbon volumes 1 and 4.

Availability: Amazon Japan (vol.1), Amazon Japan (vol.2)

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