Thursday, February 9, 2017

Osamu Akimoto's "Mr. Clice" New Series Chapter 1 in Jump SQ 2017 March Issue

Osamu Akimoto's Mr. Clice ( ミスタークリス) new series chapter 1 was published in the 2017 March
issue of Shūeisha's Jump SQ (Jump Square) magazine released last week (February 3, 2017) in Japan.

The new Mr. Clice manga is a revival of Akimoto's similarly titled manga, which ended in 2007 in Monthly Shōnen Jump. The adult, "thrilling action" story centers on the Japanese secret agent Jin Kurisu (Jim Clice), who gets injured and dies in the midst of a fight. His brain is transplanted into the body of a female tennis player who dies around the same time. Mr. Clice wants to return to a male body through surgery, but due to the professional advantages of a female body in spy work, the higher-ups won't let him return to a man's body. He makes the best of his new identity and takes on missions around the world.

This new manga series is part of the "Akimoto Osamu 4 New Manga Project!!".

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